Over the years, our corporate real estate services have benefited many businesses that have made the right choices by engaging us. Our services are:


Sales And Leasing

To assist the landlord and/or developer in selling or renting out their vacant office space, and assist in planning and carrying out of an optimize marketing plan to the right target corporate tenants/buyers. To represent the landlord and/or developer in negotiating with the prospective tenant in getting the best deals and also advise what are the other aspects to look at besides the rental.


Project Marketing

To assist the landlord and/or developer in marketing their office building on the entire project basis, these include existing or under construction development through enbloc or selected floors. To advise the landlord and/or developer on the current market condition and what shall be expected in maximising the landlord and/or developer’s bottom line.


Development Consultancy

Working alongside with the developer’s project and marketing team to provide guidance on mixed-use design, commercial product mix, layouts, specification, eco initiatives, parking solutions, pricing and challenging schemes.


Investment Sale Advisory

To serve as real estate investment advisor helping clients achieve their financial goals. Property investments vary widely in returns, risk management, the amount of hands-on attention required, development potential and liquidity.


Lease Renewal

To represent the tenant in negotiating a tenancy renewal deal with their existing landlord. Tenants may not realise what to look for in signing a new rental deal with their landlord and what pitfalls to avoid.


Corporate Relocation

To help tenant find out the latest office space leasing options and the current market conditions. We will assist the tenants to realistically target what they can achieve in the somewhat fast-changing office space market and the hidden gems that one may not realise.


Occupancy Costs Analysis

Occupancy costs are those costs related to occupying a space including; rent, real estate taxes, personal property taxes, insurance for building and contents, depreciation, and amortization expenses. These are generally higher for new entrants in a market due to the escalating real estate prices.


Renovation Costing

Working alongside with contractors and interior designers on the most cost effective ways based on company budgets.